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Festival Director Position Vacant

Position Vacant

            Festival Director

Contract Type 
8 month contract position commencing October 2018
Canowindra NSW
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Canowindra Challenge Inc Board 
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About the Festival

The  Canowindra International Balloon Challenge  is held annually in the 2nd week of the NSW April school holidays. The festival has grown over the years into a significant regional festival. The management of the festival is undertaken by Canowindra Challenge Inc  executive, who are elected annually at an annual general meeting.. The Festival Director will be an appointed ex officio member of the committee. 

The ideal candidate

The committee seeks a qualified and experienced person with a vision to develop and raise the profile of this event into an exciting sustainable major Australian Festival. The successful candidate will be passionate about our program and events and will grow, develop and embrace our festival as it continues to develop into a sustainable annual event. 

The Festival Director will engage professionally with festival sponsors, partners, friends, performers volunteers and the general public. The ideal candidate will be experienced in the management of major events, with the ability to deliver outcomes in a timely manner and within set budgets. The Festival Director will program Festival sub events  in consultation with local community, cultural groups and The Canowindra Challenge Inc. executive.

The Festival Director will have the creative skills and ability to constructively assist the committee in further development of our vision for the future.  In particular the future aim of the committee is to ensure that the festival become self-sustaining.

The initial position is for eight months, up to May 31st 2019. This initial engagement will enable the successful candidate to be part of the 2019 Canowindra International Balloon Challenge and provide an opportunity to become familiarized with the event as it currently stands.  Upon successful completion and review of this contract, and subject to funding, the committee may offer a further 12 month contract to June 2020, with a view to 2 more years after that.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

         In conjunction with the committee, to oversee the general programming, planning and vision of the 2019 festival
         Provide leadership and championing for performers, sponsors, partners and friends as part of the 2019 program
         Actively seek opportunities for festival programming including 3 new ticketed events for 2019.
         Report development and progress of the festival program at regular festival committee meetings
         Maintain and establish contact with people and organisations that can assist in delivering innovative and exciting program events and marketing these events.
         Develop and implement valid and credible statistical criteria for the measurement of various festival events
         To involve and utilise local community groups and resources for creative development and skills where possible.
         To work within the guidelines of Canowindra Challenge Inc (CCI) strategic plan goals and objectives.
         Develop an Event Operations Manual
         Co ordinate and liase with event sub contractors eg. Market organisers.
         Liase with the Volunteer Manager.
         Review other major regional events to gain insights into improvements for Canowindra International Balloon Challenge

The 3 KPI’s for this role are
1.       The successful applicant will be expected to increase the overall revenue for 2019 by at least $50,000
2.       Enhance the program to have more mid week events including 3 new ticketed events
3.       Develop the Event Operations  Manual

Skill Requirements and Selection Criteria

         Demonstrated experience in programming and the ability to generate creative ideas that lead to successful outcomes and experiences for festival attendees
         Experience in event planning and management of events and programs
         Comprehensive knowledge of the grants environment for potential funding and experience in writing and acquitting grant applications
          Excellent communication skills
         Ability to investigate and identify how to make this role and the festival self-sustaining 
         Financial experience in the management of a $200k plus event budget
         Ability to Implement reliable evaluation and measurement methodologies appropriate to events and functions – with particular emphasis on the requirements of grants bodies 
         Experience in liaising with sponsors and other event and community stakeholders.
         Demonstrated experience in engagement with various community and cultural groups, local authorities, regional tourism groups and other relevant stakeholders and communities including managing and working with festival volunteers.
         An understanding of statutory issues such WHS, planning requirements, and council permit requirements, associated with public events.
         Be able to visualise the big picture whilst not losing sight of the small details

Conditions of Contract 

         This is a fixed term eight month contract position commencing immediately after confirmation of the success of the grant application which is expected by end of October 2018.
         The position is a contract position  and is regarded as the probationary period for consideration of a further contract for the 2019/2020 financial year
         The possibility of two further years from July 2020 is envisaged, depending upon funding.
         The director is responsible to the CCI committee, through the committee chairperson.
         The director will work closely with the committee treasurer in all budgetary matters 
         The contract position will be reviewed after 3 months (January 2019) against the set KPI’s.
         The director will be remunerated by invoice to the committee at agreed intervals (minimum of monthly)
         The director will work his/her from own home/office, and is expected to have an ABN, and to supply his/her own mobile phone, transport, office facilities, Public Liability insurance and Worker’s compensation and if appropriate be GST registered.
         The Director will be available to commence work around October 2018
         The Director will be expected to attend regular face to face meetings with the executive. These will be fortnightly until mid January thence weekly.

Application Process

Applications for the position are to be submitted in one Word document, headed Canowindra Challenge Festival Director, via email to : 

Canowindra Challenge Inc.

Any questions regarding the position may be directed Jan on her email above. Phone queries should be directed to Graham Kerr. on 0427441819

Applications should include a cover letter, CV and response to selection criteria as follows:
      Cover letter  o Full name, address, and contact details (mob. phone, email, other applicable) o A short explanation of what you bring to the role, and what you hope to achieve in the role.
      CV (3 pages maximum) o All relevant employment experience with dates o All relevant educational qualifications and training
o     Details of two referees (will only be contacted with your approval)
      Response to Key Selection Criteria o Responses should provide examples of experience from your work history.
o     If the commencement date is unsuitable, please advise in this response